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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Frequently Asked by Miracle Maid Customers

Every client’s needs are different, so your Miracle Maid Certified Independent Housekeeper will work from your priority list rather than a checklist of standard services. You set the priorities. Before your housekeeper arrives for each cleaning, please prepare a priority list of work that you expect to be accomplished. Your needs will likely be different from one cleaning date to the next, so you can adjust your list to detail any special projects that you would like performed.

People are often busy and do not have the time or energy to clean their own homes or offices. Locating, interviewing, hiring, and unfortunately, firing housekeepers can be not only a hassle but also frustrating. Miracle Maid has been providing quality housekeeping services for over a decade and serves as a reliable agency that prescreens housekeepers for you. We refer only experienced, career-minded, professional housekeepers with reputable backgrounds. Because each housekeeper is self-employed, s/he has a vested interest in providing you with excellent services that keeps you satisfied. Additionally, because our housekeepers are independent contractors, you receive the greatest amount of service at the lowest possible cost.

We offer one-time, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning service. Just let us know what your needs are, and we can customize and prioritize your cleanings.

Not at all. All Miracle Maid housekeepers carry their own cleaning supplies and their own equipment. Of course, you can if you would like to! 

All our housekeepers are REQUIRED to pass a background check prior to being contracted as Miracle Maid Independent Housekeepers. Additionally, our housekeepers are fully trained and experienced, and Miracle Maid is bonded and insured. For security, only the professionals who clean your home have access to the keys, and the keys are stored in a doubly-locked box at our offices. For added security, keys are coded individually and cross-referenced separately.

My partner and I both work full-time. Do we need to be home when our housekeeper arrives?

You can make a variety of different arrangements for your housekeeper to enter your home if you will not be there. We recommend that once you have established a regular housekeeper, you decide together the best arrangement for your personal cleaning needs.

Generally our service includes the items listed in our SERVICES section. However, you set the priorities for what services you would like your Miracle Maid housekeeper to provide. We provide a free, personalized estimate that reflects your personal cleaning needs, and we will always try our best to accommodate all your requests.

Every client’s needs are different, so your housekeeper will work from the list you create for him or her.

If you need to change or cancel a scheduled service, we require one business day’s notice.

The most experienced housekeepers are quickly booked by regular clients. We suggest that you schedule your regular service based on your housekeeper’s availability.

If you are satisfied with the first housekeeper that we refer and use the service on a regular basis, then he or she becomes your regular housekeeper. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied, we will refer a housekeeper who better suits your needs for the next service. If you are not happy we want to know so we can make things right.

We leave that up to you. Tips are not expected, but they are always appreciated!

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express for your convenience. Or, if you prefer you can pay your housekeeper with cash or a check at the time of your service.

In order to give you the greatest value, we ask you to take a few minutes the night before to pick up extraneous clothing, toys and other household items.

In the unlikely event that something should become damaged or broken while we are cleaning your home or office, we will make every effort to have the item repaired, or replaced if it cannot be repaired. Insurance claims will be filed when appropriate. We treat your home with considerable care to ensure that accidents do not occur.

All Miracle Maid Certified Independent Housekeepers referred by Miracle Maid are not employed by Miracle Maid. They are self-employed, autonomous individuals managing their own clients. The housekeeper may be your employee or an independent contractor depending on the relationship you have with him or her. If you direct and control the manner and means by which the housekeeper performs his or her work, you may have employer responsibilities, including employment taxes and workers compensation, under state and federal law. If you pay any one person providing domestic service in excess of $1000.00 per calendar quarter, you may be considered by the IRS to have employer responsibilities. For additional information, contact your local Employment Development Department and the Internal Revenue Service.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask us any time!